Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Spring in Madeira - The last part!

Yes, it is done: The "eternal Madeira series" has been finished, as promised, with a last, very short part. It really was about time. From now on we can finally go on with something new, although it is not too new. But still it is something different.

The plot
This part starts with a last view from the window of our domicile. Afterwards, we switch directly to the airport, where I extensively film the runway, aircrafts and what else belongs to an airport. Also a last announcement from me is shown. In the face of the celebrations of the previous day, I am in a quite good shape there. And that's it! There is not more to be seen of this, in any respect exceptional Madeira series. There will be no aftermath this time, because I currently do not know what I should tell. And I really want to go on with something new now.

The soundtrack
... this time comes again from the recently released album "Madeira" by Cimelium. If you like the music, here, as always the links to iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify. In the video you can hear:

00:00 Cais do Sardinha
04:54 Camara de Lobos

What's next?
In short: The series about my bike tour in 2015 to the North Sea. In addition, I have a little surprise, so you can see not only old, but also up-to-date material. Otherwise someone actually assumes, I would be dead, and someone would only use my old material for a little Youtube Cash ;) If you want to watch the whole Madeira 2014 series again completely: Here is the link to the Playlist!

I have kept this blog post quite short on purpose, because this short video doesn't deserve a full-length, extensive blog post ;). And now, have fun with the video:

Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017

Spring in Madeira - Hike from Terreiro da Luta to Poiso & Party

The plot
In the penultimate video of this series we hike on well-known paths. We hike from where we left off in the last part: In Terreiro da Luta. From there we hike through the, this time blossoming, Parque Ecologico do Funchal to Poiso. After strengthening ourselves with Cortado and Poncha, we return by bus to Funchal, where after a rich meal, we conclude the day with party time. Some of you will like this party part and others will ask: "Is this really necessary?". Should I, one day, realize that a predominant part of my little audience does not like such party excesses, I will take this into account and will not include such stuff in my videos anymore. The customer is king ;)

Why did it take so long again?
I am sorry, of course, that you had to wait such a long time for a new video. Once again personal and private problems were responsible for this. You can believe me, if I say, that this is getting on my nerves too. So if you are annoyed by it, you are not alone. However, also I have to spend some time for creating music. Currently, the new alionsonny album "Phoenix" is in the works, and I have worked a lot of my working time during the past 2 months on it.

The soundtrack
Here is something special this time: This video is the first in which the final versions of songs of the recently released "Madeira" album by Cimelium can be heard. In previous videos you could hear some pre-release-versions already. But these are not comparable with the album versions. Here I would like to announce a small, but important, change: For various reasons I will not present unfinished, so-called pre-release, versions in videos in the future. From now on only finished versions will be included in the videos. So it may take some time until you will hear new music in the videos. However, my portfolio is now so extensive that it is unlikely, if at all, that boredom will arise. Here is the soundtrack of the current video in detail:

00:00 - Ribeiro Frio
05:05 - Poiso
09:26 - Pico Ruivo
14:26 - Queimadas
19:04 - Pico Ruivo Tunnel

The album is, as always, available in all well-stocked online shops for music. Just for example I link here to the album on GooglePlay (CLICK!) and iTunes (CLICK!). Also, the album is available on all well-known streaming platforms, e.g. Spotify (CLICK!).

What's next?

I hope that this time the next video will be uploaded not just a little faster. However, I will wait for a certain time until the current video has received a sufficient number of views. This is still going too slow ;). Next, we conclude the current 2014 Madeira series with a last and short part . Then I can finally start the series about the 2015 bike ride to the North Sea. I'm really looking forward to it. It may also happen that I will alternately upload parts of the the 2015 series about our trip to Madeira in 2015 already . But let's see ...
And now I wish you much fun with the current video. And thank you again for your patience. I even got some new subscribers, despite the lack of new video uploads,. Thank you also for this, because new subscribers offer, of course, a certain stimulation to continue, no matter how the personal condition is. And here, finally, is the video:

Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

Spring in Madeira 2014 - On we go!

Oh, how am I supposed to start this post? There is a LITTLE something to explain. My friends on Facebook already know for the most part what happened. But there are not just a few who are not on Facebook and I owe them, I think so, a brief explanation. As many people have noticed, no new video has been uploaded for over 1 1/2 years. Many people feared that I would be sick, or that I would no longer dwell among the living. Well, I live and my health is currently also quite good.

What happened?
Life has happened. I do not want to publicly spread the details here for a variety of reasons and also to protect the privacy of a particular person. What happened to me is certainly not something that anyone, somewhere in the world would be proud to tell. It is also not that something like that just happens to me, but it happens to people around the world at any time. Only, the way HOW it happened to me was so hard for me to take, that it killed my complete creative energy. You could say, it killed my life power. From autumn 2015 to the end of 2016, I was in a state of unbelievable emptiness and futility. Nothing was important or interesting for me. My soul was dead. Reads bad? It was bad!

How are things now?
Much better. It was quite difficult, but I would say that I am at least 50% restored. And it goes on. At present, I think that the best I can do is simply continue to work on my dreams - harder than I have ever done - to achieve my goals. There is a lot of stuff that stacked up on my todo list. Much has been badly damaged eg. ceased to exist during the short period of my "absence". So there is a lot to do. And I notice with every step back to normality, I am getting better.

New video?
Well, you have not subscribed to the channel? Otherwise you must have already received a notification 2 days ago in the evening. The video was uploaded already 2 days ago. However, Youtube again changed something nice at the process of publishing videos and until yesterday evening, I was busy to grasp the whole thing and to put it to use. With the video below, we are continuing the ETERNAL "Madeira 2014" series. This time we are hiking again through the outskirts of Funchal, from Curral dos Romeiros to Terreiro da Luta. There is, of course, a lot of nature to see, a breathtaking panorama view of Funchal and a sacral monumental work, the "Nossa Senhora do Paz". Here is the video:

The soundtrack this time is again from a alionsonny classic album. It is the album "Reggae?" from 2009. If you like it, you can buy it on all online music sites like iTunes (CLICK!) or GooglePlay (CLICK!). Of cause it is also available on all streaming services, such as Spotify (CLICK!). Here's the track list:

00:00 - Life goes ON!
05:19 - Springtime 2009
11:06 - Aquatic Dub
16:45 - Summertime 2008

What's next?
We actually still have a full part of this eternal series. Then comes the traditional aftermath in the form of another part. Then this series is FINALLY finished. After that? Oh, don't ask. There is still so much to show. What did I say about "a lot to do"? ;) So: First after finishing the Madeira 2014 series comes the, long promised, bike trip to the North Sea. Then we were already back to Madeira in 2015 and then we recently visited Cyprus for 2 weeks. We have so much video material that it is enough for at least one year, even if I would solely produce videos ... but I can't do this.

Ok, I apologize again for the long time of nothingness. Was not my choice. I will do my best to keep you provided with new videos in the future.

Montag, 18. Januar 2016

Is your Youtube channel dead? ...and other misconceptions

Dear friends of AlionLive
Again people are asking me, when the new video will be uploaded? The answer is, as all the times you asked that question: When the last uploaded video reaches 50 views. I don't think that this number is too high for the decent amount of subscribers I have. I understand well, that, at least the people who just found my channel, need some time to get through the many hours of video on the channel. And so I pretty much know, why the older videos get loads of views, but the recent ones just a few. So, bare with me until that magic number is reached. In some way I am quite thankful, that the views do not rush in like hell. I still have a personal problem (relationship related) and I value the time I have to get things sorted. I am currently not the most efficient guy on the planet. By the way: Somebody asked me recently, what I would do, if one day the views come so fast, that I can't keep up with them. Simple: Then I'll increase the number of necessary views. Some people ask questions... *shakehead*
Nice evening mood on the North Sea bike ride
To give you something to look forward to, what's gonna happen in 2016:
  1. Soon the epic North Sea bike ride series will start. I'll see, if I finally get Cimeliums album "Madeira" finished, so I can present it in the series.
  2. Just 4 parts (videos) of the Madeira 2014 series left, of which one is already completed and even uploaded to Youtube. You just can't see it, because it is set to "private". Just one click and you'll be able to watch it.
  3. After the 2014 series is finished, the 2015 Madeira series will start. I didn't review the video material in detail yet, but I think this one will be great.
  4. As soon as I manage to get my bike repaired (it is a bit expensive for a starving artist -> your donation on Paypal to is more than welcome), I'll do a new type of bike ride series. The difference is, that I will no longer ride somewhere and then back. Instead I'll pack my bike on a train and go somewhere, and then ride back on the bike. This will give us more time to visit some places more detailed.
  5. ...and now comes something, some people asked me to do since the very start of the channel. I'll start to do new kinds of videos, not just hikes and bike rides. I did a bit of brainstorming with some folks on the Facebook chat, and here's what we came up with. I very much agree with the folks, that those are some pretty good and fun ideas:
  • I take my guitar(s) in front of the camera and cover some of my favorite (maybe also your favorite) songs. I already made a selection of mine and think, that I'll first do some "Queens of the stone age", "Future of the left / Mclusky" and "Gang of four" songs. Recommendations are more than welcome, but will dealt with, once I covered my own favorites.
  • Working title "Ask The Alion": I sit in front of the camera and answer some of the frequently asked questions and questions from the comments. Let's more get to know each other.
  • Working title "Alion Opinions": Again I sit in front of the camera and talk about what I think about stuff going on in the world. I think this will become a rant-format for most parts ;)
  • I'll show you "everyday life" in Germany and maybe teach some basic German.
Nice scary view from the lookout point (glass floor) at the Cabo Girao (Madeira 2015)
 Those are just a few ideas people and me came up with. Feel free to suggest more. Despite those new ideas, do not fear: The old format will be the main format forever. So there will of cause be more hikes and bike rides. And of cause I'll re-visit Madeira. I just have to get the cash together (talking about donations? ;)). And I also would love to visit more places on Earth and take you with me. And it is not just nature. I also want to visit some friends from all over the world. For example: A visit to London is long overdue. I know SO many people there and got invited SO many times, it will be absolutely great. Yeah, you see: Lot's of plans. Let's get rolling!

Current version of the album cover art for Cimelium's "Madeira" album

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

New Video: Bike Ride Hamburg - Schaalsee 2015 - Last part!

Nice clouds
It slowly becomes a habit, that the new video is announced on the blog, days after the upload. There's lots of stuff to do. We did it again: Another bike ride series is finished. And in retrospect I think that, except for a few weak moments, the result is acceptable. And despite the disappointing east side of the lake, I am planning already to return to the area around Zarrentin, Mölln and Ratzeburg. Why? Because some locals told me, after watching the series, that I missed some important places. That's what always happens, and therefore I must visit each and every place at least twice.
Me on the town square of BÄÄÄÄLAU!
The Plot
Firstonce I would like to  apologize to those who do not appreciate the long monologues by yours truly. In plain English: I really talk a lot in this final part of the epic saga of my bike ride in the year of our Lord 2015 to the shores of Schaalsees. I don't know what happened there, but somehow I was very talkative. This together with the fact that I always do not film much on the way home, ensures that a large part of the video consists of me talking into the camera. Nevertheless, this video will be entertaining for one or two people. Let's see. The first comments are quite nice. Furthermore, I am sorry that the video is somewhat short. I thought it would be longer, but after the editing, what we have now is what remained. And that's what?

We start where we left off last time: At the bridge over the dreaded Elbe-Lübeck canal in the outskirts of Mölln. From there we ride straight to the the world-famous village BÄÄÄLAU (!!!). I know that the use of the, not really funny, Bääälau idiocy is a bit exaggerated, but I could not help it. In Bälau I rest on the picturesque town square where I talk for a long time about Coke in plastic bottles, alternative feeding methods and much more. Then we continue on to Trittau, where I arrive just before closing time and thus loot a 4-pack of finest beer. Accordingly, the next talk-o-mania is not be long in coming. Shortly after Trittau I placed myself on a meadow, and talked again a lot of weird stuff. After only two video settings you see me then AGAIN, and this time in absolute fatigue Zombie mode. And what else? Well, that's it!

Nice evening mood in a forest near Grossensee.
The Soundtrack
 ... comes, once again, from the album "Continuity by alionsonny which, inter alia,  is available for purchase on iTunes (CLICK HERE!) and Google Play (CLICK HERE!), just in case you liked the music. For more links to sources, see the homepage of the album on the alionsonny homepage. The soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 - Going Bonkers
  • 05:04 - Drunken Joe in Love
  • 09:40 - Talking Cat
  • 14:37 - Madeira
alionsonny - Continuity - Coverart
What's next? 
Next comes the third part of the 13th day of the Madeira Series from 2014, in which we are being chased by dogs, I find Jesus and we visit old friends. And after that starts the epic 7-day bike ride to the North Sea from August 2015. I really look forward to this series, because judging from the video content I examined so far, it looks like this will become the best AlionLive series so far. Would be bad, if not. But now, as always, have fun with the video!

Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

New Madeira 2014 Video: Hiking the Levada dos Tornos!

It is a T and not a P ;)
No, this video is not really new, at least for my friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter. It has been uploaded already almost a week ago. However, a personal problem  kept me from writing the usual blogs and promote the video properly. And then there was also Christmas, when I, like every year, tried unsuccessfully not to participate ;). Anyway: If you missed the video, this blog is certainly a welcome reminder.

Somewhere on the Levada
The Plot
This is the second part of three on the penultimate full day in 2014 on Madeira. After we hiked from Aguas Mansas south to the Levada dos Tornos in the last part, this time we hike for quite a time along it. As already in the last part I was extremly silly, which probably was due to two rather strong ponchas and also because of our generally great mood on that day. The silliness is already noticeable in the intro. I really thought for some time about whether I should leave the bad joke about the "Levada dos Pornos" in the video at all. Yes I am indeed a friend bad jokes. But contrary to an overwhelming number of other Youtubers I spare my audience usually with sexual jokes and innuendo. Just not my style ... usually. So don't panic: This will not become a habit ;). On the Levada we hiked through a countless number of smaller and larger tunnels. The highlight here is a small cave vault, whose former purpose will probably remain a secret forever. Also some "banned ceans" have been consumed again and, quite irresponsible, we also had a beer on the Levada. The shaky camera is also prominently present again. So, dear viewers with inclination to dizziness: Better not watch this, or just turn off / fast forward when the shaky cam parts start. At the end we end up in Camacha, where we didn't really wanted to go. There I placed the thematically appropriate end of this episode, because Camacha is where we left the Levada dos Tornos and started the descent to the coast.

At work in the mysterious cave vault
The Soundtrack
... comes as as in the last part from the alionsonny album "Dub Antiquities". I apologize specifically to everyone who generally does not like Reggae, or my special flavor of it. I do this, as already mentioned in the last blog, at the request of some viewers. And the desire of my audience is my command. And besides this, I at least try to present the works of my three music projects equally in the videos. But if you are one of those who like those dusty early works of yours truly, and if you do not already have "Dub Antiquities", I would be exorbitantly happy, if you would buy it on iTunes (CLICK HERE!) or Google Play (CLICK HERE!). Each and every cent will be invested in new equipment and / or tasty beer. Big promise! Oh yes, of course the album is not only available on the two platforms mentioned above, but also in any well-stocked shop for music. It is also available on streaming services. Since the revenue, for example, from Spotify, unfortunately is a bad joke, I would personally recommend to purchase a download. So, enough talk, here as always, the soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 Mountain Biking on Mars
  • 04:05 Fya Pon Everything
  • 09:25 Revolution NOW!
  • 14:16 Versionist Dub
  • 18:25 Drunken Joe In Space
alionsonny - Dub Antiquities cover art
What's next?
Because of the forementioned personal problems, we will not be able to finish the series "Spring on Madeira" this year still. I'm sorry - I planned that differently. But before the third part of the day 13, it is again the Schaalsee bike ride's turn. And I shiver when I think about editing the next part of it, because this last part of the series is very text heavy. And this means, I have to write plenty of subtitles. In this final part we ride from Mölln via Trittau right back to Hamburg. Since the fore mentioned personal problem is anything but over, it may take a while before the next video is uploaded. I'll do my best! But for now have lots of fun with the current video.

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

"Reunion with Mölln" - New video of the Schaalsee bike ride!

Mölln in best weather
Here is the penultimate part of the Schaalsee bike ride series. Actually, the video was already finished a few days ago, but since it took a bit longer this time for the last video to reach the 50 Views threshold, I made it public just now. On this occasion I want to explain briefly why I wait with publishing a new video until the last one got at least 50 views: First gives me the time to work comfortably and thoroughly. Secondly, videos are easily overlooked when I upload them very quickly. The best example of this is my very old videos. These have, even though they are up to five years online, partly not yet reached 100 Views. This is because in the early days of AlionLive, I uploaded videos very quickly one after the other. Apparently people always watch only the latest videos on a channel. And if the valued audience has to scroll to click on a video, that appears to be too much work. The result is that the video gets very little views, is therefore classified by Youtube as "less relevant", and is less frequently delivered to users as a search result. This means then that the video gets even fewer views compared to the most recent ones. I hope I could somehow describe that in an understandable fashion. No, the 50 views border is not a "punishment for the lazy audience" ;).

View from the camp of the previous night.
The Plot
... is quite easy to describe this time: After a restful night, protected by various Horsts, I was woken by the sound of a nearby tractor. A view outside showed me that a farmer was preparing to irrigate the nearby, newly planted, fields. Since my tent stood in the entrance to such a field, I was worried it would be run over by the tractor. And so I left in quite a hurry. By now I had decided to cross the dreaded Elbe-Lübeck Canal near Mölln. Because I feared, that I would otherwise not reach home this day, I actually planned to bypass Mölln this time. However, the weather was great, the view of the city from the lake from was so picturesque, that I decided to pay Mölln another, detailed, visit. So I filmed even more parts of the historic old town. Much should be familiar to viewers of part 3 of the video series on the bike ride to Mölln and Ratzeburg in 2013. After that, I also visited the St. Nicolai Church. This is what I missed in 2013 for some unknown reason. Then I filmed myself through the old town to the, to me previously unknown, park where I rested a while. Then, early in the afternoon, I went on my way to the bridge across Elbe-Lübeck canal, where this part ends.

Lunch t the park
The Soundtrack
... is again from the 2014 released album "Continuity" by alionsonny, which I personally find pretty much accomplished. If you also think so, you maybe consider to buy the album on Google Play (CLICK HERE!), iTunes (CLICK HERE!) and many other well-stocked online stores for music. It is not really expensive :). And now, as always, the soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 - Bulletproof
  • 05:08 - BrainForest - Chapter III
  • 10:04 - Nero d' Avola
  • 15:02 - Flight of the Butterfly
alionsonny - continuity cover
What's next?
Next is again a part of the "Spring in Madeira" series. Also here we are slowly approaching the end. And after that, we are indeed already at the last part of the Schaalsee series. This part will, for unknown reasons,  be very text heavy. This means: I talk a lot. And I could curse me, for what I have done to myself. I only say: writing subtitles *happy..... not *. Despite of all the talk, I still arrived at home late in the evening.

But now, as always: Have fun with the video!