Montag, 24. Februar 2014

AlionLive Return 2 Madeira - Day 12 is here!

View from Cruz to the south
Yes, this time there was again quite a break since the last video. I will spare the explanation both, you and me. The wait was worth it in my opinion, because you can call this video quite "special" in more than one way .

The plot
I took the bus on the northern part of the island, to Faial. Near Moinhos, I tried unsuccessfully to climb the "Penha d' Aguia" (Eagle Rock). Due to a more than misleading route on the well-loved hiking map, this expedition was quite unpleasant. So I walked along the road towards Porto da Cruz. Since it was still quite early, I decided to continue hiking in the direction of Portela. A sudden tiredness, probably caused by a starting dengue infection, made me abandon that plan. However, I took a wrong turn somewhere and was forced to continue the hike. At the very end of the afternoon I reached Portela and strengthened me with the finest Espetada of the island. Fortunately right after that a bus was going back to Funchal. Once there, it was already dark and oddly enough, I was already incredibly hungry again. So I decided to end the day in the "Ca Te Espero" with a hearty meal and excellent wine.

One highlight is certainly the failed ascent and the subsequent rant. From this I had to cut away a lot of, because firstly the translation to English was almost impossible and secondly, because I have decided to keep my videos at least remotely "family-friendly" ;). In addition, I am driving several dogs mad and give a performance of some, in my opinion, typical "German English. Who asks what is the difference between my English and this, will be spanked ;). Apart from that there is a "rhythmic water hose" and of course many beautiful views of the most beautiful island in the world in acceptable weather.

The soundtrack this time is entirely by my music project "Cimelium". With the exception of two tracks, all tracks are destined for the album "Madeira", which will be released in 2014.

What's next?
The next part (day 13) is very short, because this time I was not hiking alone, but with a very nice person. She will, but only briefly, and only if she agrees, appear in the video. You may have asked yourself what the title of this song means: It's the name of this particular person. So stay tuned for a short video with incomparably special moments .

And here is the current video:

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