Freitag, 3. April 2015

New Video: Fancy a one-hour bus ride from Faial to Monte?

Yes, it's that time again: We ride the bus! And this time it is somewhat brutal. The quality of the road unfortunately caused even more shaky camera than usual. In addition, someone grabbed the seat at the front of the bus. To get a picture filling motif, I had to zoom a bit and that increased the shaky-cam-factor even more. As bad as this may read: I think it is bearable. And it is worth watching because of the following:

The Plot
Somehow the bus was going on a special route. So we drive for the first 20 minutes crisscross through Faial and the surrounding areas, and get to see beautiful views of the Eagle Rock and the surrounding landscape. Not your everyday  bus ride. After the special route it goes directly to Monte. Here we see a nice mixture of the possible weather conditions in Madeira. We start in Faial in slightly cloudy but sunny weather. The route takes us through Cruzinhas to Ribeiro Frio. Between Ribeiro Frio and Poiso we break through the clouds and it is adorably foggy. Shortly after Poiso we end up above the clouds and the sun makes one almost blind. And so it goes on, via the Parque Ecologico do Funchal until shortly before Terreiro da Luta, where we again take a dip in the clouds, until finally, just before Monte, we get a beautiful view of Funchal. On reaching the town sign of Monte, I stopped filming, because we already filmed the bus ride from Monte to Funchal in 2011. In addition, my wrist started to hurt from holding the camera aboard the shaky bus. This was also caused by a slight overuse of the wrist on the bus ride the day before. This is also the last bus ride video of this series.

The Soundtrack
One or the other asked to hear more from the unusual alionsonny album "Electronic Spacerock". And because the music fits great for bus rides, the soundtrack consists of almost the entire album. Almost only because there was simply no time for the last track. The soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 80s 4 Ever
  • 05:08 Never Born To Follow
  • 10:11 Rise & Shine
  • 15:01 Aurora Borealis
  • 19:45 Sunrise
  • 24:51 Days of Our Years
  • 29:33 Fear No Evil
  • 34:42 Gettin 'Old
  • 39:11 Spacejourney Chapter Two
  • 43:41 Forest
  • 49:11 Flowers
  • 54:30 Fire Dance
Of course, the album is also available in all well sorted online stores. Get it for YOUR bus ride in Madeira! Some of the links can be found on the homepage of the album on

What's next?

Next time we hike again. And what a hike this will be! I never did a hike like this one during all the times I've been in Madeira. It starts in Faial, from we hike to the hydroelectric power station, continue up the hill to the Pico Ruivo tunnel and through the tunnel below the Pico Ruivo to the Caldeirao do Inferno. Then we hike back via the Caldeirao Verde to Queimadas. Those of you who know Madeira, wil find it hard to believe that we managed to get all this done in one day. The sheer volume of video footage and photos taken during the hike forces me to divide this day in not less than 3 parts. But that's a story for another day. Now have a nice bus ride, and, as always, I wish you loads of fun!

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