Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Welcome to the brand new AlionLive Blog!

My good friends and lovers of my music will be now surprised, that I start yet another blog, but I think it is really neccessary.

First of all, I do not really want to flood my alionsonny musicians blog with the news about AlionLive and also I think we all can only benefit of a thematic separation here. With the ability to create pages on this blog, it will be possible for me to provide you with much more information on my hikes, whether on foot or by bicycle, whether in Germany, Madeira or anywhere. So you will more or less regularly find KML files here, which you can load into your Google Earth or your GPS device, and then you can retrace my hikes. I also noticed that in Google Earth a lot of information, locations, etc. in Madeira is actually missing. Here I can help. So I will, for example, craft a Google Earth Layer on which you can find hopefully all those shelter huts in the mountains of Madeira. Just for fun, to illustrate the the problem: Go into your Google Earth and look, where it locates Ribeiro Frio. Check it out and then set a marker on the correct position. No, Google Earth is very sloppy in terms of Madeira. Look where Google Earth locates the center of Santana ;).

So I'm going to, once more, offer a little service to you all out there. I always like to help and I love the topic at all. So, let's see how this thing evolves . Oh yes: If nothing new happens here from time to time, do not worry: You know that I have a lot of stuff to do :D.

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