Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

AlionLive - Frühling auf Madeira: The first part is here!

Yes, here we go: Here is the new Madeira video series. This is the introductory part with the traditional opening speech. After that, you will see about 15 minutes of video and photo material from the first small walk through Funchal in bright sunshine.

Actually this video should have been available on the 3rd birthday of the AlionLive video channel on Youtube. This has almost happened, but was contradicted by various difficulties. Actually I also wanted to speak the introduction this time not in front of my badly lighted greenscreen, but somewhere outside. But this was contradicted by the bad weather during the first 2 may weeks also. But, never mind: The start has now been made.

The soundtrack this time is completely from the current alionsonny album "Continuity". NOTE: In this video for the first time you hear only finished release versions, so this is what you get if you buy this album.

The soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 - A Sunny Day
  • 04:47 - The Storm
  • 09:32 - Pirates of Madeira
  • 14:27 - Green Hills
  • 19:03 - Ganja in the jar
  • 24:03 - Flight of the Butterfly
If you now want to buy this album, Here's where you can do so:


And here it is: The first part of "AlionLive - Frühling auf Madeira". Enjoy!

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