Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Spring in Madeira - Day 9 Part 1 is here!

This part is already one that is a little shorter than the announced 20 minutes. This starts good. You will agree that the timing for the cut at the end of the part is an absolutely perfect choice.

The Plot
A little later than planned on the day we start a hike from Ribeiro Frio to the world famous lookout point Balcões. To my greatest surprise and joy, this time I met Ribeiro Frio in bright sunshine. I was far more used the opposite in Ribeiro Frio, for example, on day 3, day 7 and day 8 of my trip in 2012. There was an accordingly immense tourism going on, and so I sometimes had a few problems to navigate my world famous shaky camera through the masses. However, there are wonderful views of nature, a little surprise in the form of an unexpectedly strong Poncha and accordingly much nonsense. You will not see the Balcões in this part, because I viciously placed the end-of-part cut right on the entrance to the Balcões. This is certainly not a highlight of the AlionLive entertainment, but you can not always top yourself ;). Again about the cliffhanger at the end: It was just the right place for the cut. If you watch the second part (probably with extra length), you will realize that an end-of-part cut wouldn't fit anywhere else. Nasty, but necessary.

The Soundtrack
...comes this time once more from older to ancient alionsonny albums. The titles have a strange resemblance. I do not know how this could happen. Why old music again? Because the new is not finished yet. I do not want to use the pre-release versions of the albums in progress again. Therefore I use older material. But soon, for a certain, very special, *giggle* episode, I'll present the new Willma Poppen album, maybe in full length.

What's Next
Of course you'll see the Balcões in the next part and, due to the nice weather, also spectacular views of it. Then we simply hike down to Faial... because we can. The next episode is, as already indicated, probably a little longer than 20 minutes.">

But now have fun with this video:

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