Samstag, 14. März 2015

Dear viewers, we have to change something ;)

Day 9 - Somewhere between Ribeiro Frio and Faial
Where are the videos? Some time ago, I announced (eg on Facebook) that I will restrict the time I work on new videos in favor of completing a music album. This means I've been actually working 100% on the music and 0% on videos. Due to some complaints and the wonderful growth in viewers, I decided to change a few things. This will make it possible for me to more or less regularly deliver new videos and still have plenty of time for making music and other things. In addition, it solves a small problem that I have with certain self-imposed time limits ... but this is nothing of interest for you ;).

Day 10 - On our way to the Pico Ruivo Tunnel
The series "Spring in Madeira" is, as you may have noticed, not yet finished. A little over 6 hours of uncut video material lingers still around on my hard drive. These are the last 7 days of the trip, including the very short departure day. The length of material per day varies from 40 minutes to just over an hour. Additionally, I have half an hour of material from a little trip with Malina to Lüneburg.

Day 11 - "Fear & Loathing in Camara de Lobos" - The party part!
To edit a video block of 40 to 50 minutes as a whole requires a lot of time. That's why I decided, to limit the video length, at least for the remainder of the current series, to about 20 minutes. No, I do not do this because of the small advertising revenue, but for the following reasons:
  1. A 20-minute video is, from the amount of work involved, easier to handle than a video block. I can work on a video to the end, without "rendering myself unavailable" for other things for a long time.
  2. I can provide you with new videos more regularly. Of cause you have to wait longer for a really long video with many cuts and subtitles than for a a shorter one.
  3. I got to know, that most viewers seem to prefer short videos. Not everyone always has time to watch a one hour video.
20 minutes is an approximate value. It all depends on whether I can place thematically cut on any location on the time line. So sometimes it may be probably 15 or 30 minutes. Such things as bus rides will be, however, still be uploaded in one piece. There's not much to cut and edit in those at all ;). Oh yes ... I even have one more one-hour bus ride for you :D.
Day 12 - On the Eira do Serrado
What's next?
Since the work on the current music album is quite advanced, I can now invest a little time in the videos. The Madeira series has the highest priority and should soon be completed because new adventures are already waiting ;). So I'm going to cut the first of two 20-minute parts for Day 9. So, there will be soon new stuff to watch.
Day 13 - Having a good time with good friends

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