Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

AlionLive takes a short break!

 Image: Wikipedia User S Sepp - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic
Don't worry, not for a long time. Soon we will continue. But as you, the friends of AlionLive, are dear to me, I don't want that you are surprised that there will be nothing new for... well, I do not know how long it will take. I have uploaded quite a few videos recently, and thus, with the exception of the very busy viewers, all others should still have a lot to view.

Why the break? The reason for this is nothing bad, but for you rather something positive. For me it means stress. I have put myself into a small self-made but, however necessary, catch-22. As the attentive readers of this blog may know, the next part of the series "Spring in Madeira" is a special one. It is the Party episode "Fear & Loathing in Camara de Lobos". This part is, from the amount of material alone, quite a challenge. With 40-50 minutes length it is a double length part, which will be uploaded in one piece. I simply do not have the heart to cut this epic work (*giggle*) into two 20-minute parts. Due to the party mood I have plenty to cut here in a very sensible fashion. Not everything happening is suited for the public. No, I have not done anything, that would be too embarrassing, but I still don't want this to be published as it is ;). I also talked a lot and therefore a lot of my "favorite work" needs to be done: Writing subtitles *yawn*.

But the main reason for the break is much more serious: The listeners of my music project "Willma Poppen" are already waiting for so long eagerly for the new album... far too long. Since the party part absolutely perfect fits with the "Willma Poppen" sound and I do not want to use the old debut album as the soundtrack again, it makes 100% sense to use this special video for featuring the new album. But: A lot of work needs to be done at the album still. And that's the nice catch-22 that I have maneuvered myself into. The new video can therefore only be uploaded if:
  1. the album has been completed (not only the approximately 8 tracks for the video)
  2. the album is available on iTunes etc. So it must be uploaded and be given the nod by the distributor and the retailers.
  3. the video material is edited (including intro and outro, subtitles *yawn* and all the other stuff)
So, and this is the state of affairs. Let's see how fast I get that finished. The good thing at this is, that I can't, nor I want, to invent more excuses for further delays regarding the release of the "Willma Poppen" album. So let's go! There is much work to do!

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