Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015

The video heap grows... News from AlionLive!

No AlionLive without beer! On the bike ride on the 11th of June at the Kurpark in Mölln.
The announced time of silence is over, because there is some news to report, and I also forgot to tell about one or two things during the, somewhat busy, recent days ... Well, who do I want to fool here? These are just excuses, because I am just having a great time on spending those hilarious amounts of Youtube-Money ;).

On the cable car from Funchal to Monte on May 1rst.
Ok, first one or two folks pointed me at the fact, that I forgot to tell, that Malina and I visited Madeira this year already again. Yes, again. And why was nothing to read about this here? Because I did not have time, or because it's embarrassing that now there is again a Madeira series stockpiled, while the 2014 series is not even remotely finished yet. Yes, we were back in Madeira 2 weeks ago, from the 30th of April to the 14th of May. We brought back a lot of nice new video material, although this trip was a little different than the previous ones. We put more emphasis this time on living the good life, than to set up hiking records. Nevertheless, some beautiful and long hikes were done and we tried many new things. I'll post no detailed daily schedule this time, because I want to surprise you ;). When will the new series be available? No clue. To avoid confusion, I'll not upload two Madeira series in parallel. So, let's say, the series will be uploaded once "Frühling auf Madeira" is complete. Because there's a minimum of 9 parts to come ... I bow my head in shame ;).
On the Pico Arieiro on May 7th. The biggest hike of our 2015 trip.
As if that was not enough, I set off for a 5-day bike ride a week ago towards and around the Schaalsee and filmed about 2 1/2 hours of new video material. The guy is crazy? I never denied it ;). This will become a very nice series again and all friends of bike rides in northern Germany can look forward to beautiful early summer impressions and much nonsense in front of the camera. When will this series start? Simple answer: Very soon! Yes, this series can run parallel to the Madeira 2014 series, without a risk of confusing people. This will of cause delay all the other stuff again, but it also gives me some welcome variety of work. So the series "Bike Ride Hamburg - Schaalsee" is coming soon and, by the way, it will be again in German with English subtitles.
At the Priestersee on the bike ride on June 8th.
So, I guess I did not forget anything. Then let's get to... Stooop! What about "Fear & Loathing in Camara de Lobos"? What about the album of the Willma Poppen Project? The album is progressing well (and I mean really) and the video is 2/3 finished. I came up (not enough work) with some nice gimmicks that will make this video even funnier than it is already. So I can't set any specific dates but ... soon :).
Current state of the cover for the new Willma Poppen album.
Ok, that's it now really. Let's get to to work!

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