Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015

Here is the start of a new video series! Bike ride to the Schaalsee.

As mentioned in the last blog post, I went on a little bike ride in June again. And almost one month after the bike ride, we now finally get going!

The plot and stuff

Due to technical complications ... Awww!... I just dawdled, I got on the road late in the afternoon. However, I made it to just before Güster, almost 50 kilometers from Hamburg. I have no idea why I did do this to me on the first day and, as you will see in the next part, it would have been better if I didn't do it. Then this part also would have been maybe not so short. But after all it fills, including nearly 50% of talk, almost the targeted 20 minutes. Still, I would have liked to have filmed more, but this was prevented by me "eating kilometers". Still there are very beautiful landscape views. A highlight here was the impressive Mansion of Wotersen. It was probably the most detailed filmed of all the places I filmed during the whole tour. At the end of this part it was, as the title of the video ("To Güster, and then it gets dark") says, very dark near Güster. And so this part ends with very dark impressions of my night camp, including a not really perfectly set up tent.

The impressive Mainson of Wotersen. I just thought, that this would be the perfect residence for the Chaoslord ;)
The Soundtrack
Due to lack of new sound material, I had to resort to older stuff again. However, the 4 tracks (that could be heard already in some AlionLive videos) from the alionsonny album "Reggae?" fit very good with the visual material. Here is the soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 - Summertime 2008
  • 04:26 - Hamburg
  • 09:56 - Travelling Lion
  • 14:26 - Springtime 2009
If you like the music, and you do not already have bought the album, I would be very happy if you would support me a bit by buying it. No, I'm still not wealthy ;). Representing all online stores where the album is available, I put links here to the album on iTunes (CLICK!) and Google Play (CLICK!), because from sales there I get a bigger part than anywhere else ;).

A bit older (2010), but still fresh: alionsonny - Reggae?
What's next
So first I can say that this series will most likely have 5 parts. This is due to the fact, that I "magically" filmed about 20 to 30 minutes on each of the 5 days. Perfect! In the next part we ride from Güster on towards Zarrentin, where we arrive quite late. Due to technical problems regarding my body, I did ride less than usually on that day. That's all I want to tell now about the next part, which is already in progress, for "tension reasons".
Somewhere right in the middle of nowhere.
And what about Madeira?
Let's put it this way: It's slowly but surely progressing. The work on the Willma Poppen album is still quite extensive and has priority. Some peculiarities and the double length of the video delay the completion also. The main obstacle is, that I talk a lot in this video, which is causing an enormous amount of my always loved writing of subtitles. Well, man is his own worst enemy by the work he creates for himself and which would actually not be really necessary ;).

At the end of this part, in Güster, it went really dark. Good night!
Well, now have fun with the video! I know: It's not a highlight in AlionLive history, however, and I can already tell this, from Part 3 on we really get going!

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