Mittwoch, 19. August 2015

KML: Bike Ride Hamburg - Mölln - Ratzeburg 2013 --- Part 1 - Hamburg - Lütjensee

20,5 Km
Alt. Lowest: 31 m
Alt. Highest: 80 m
Max. Ascent: 3,0%
Avg. Ascent: 0,7%

This is the route of the first video part of my bike ride in 2013 from Hamburg to Mölln and Ratzeburg. I created this KML manually right after my return from memory (which works excellent ;) ) in Google Earth, because at the time I had no GPS device. Due to the fact that I went no special side routes and rode this route several times during the recent years, errors are almost completely impossible.

After I left Hamburg successfully, the route goes through the nature reserve Höltigbaum, and after Braak on a well-constructed bike path, running parallel to the country road. For about the last half of the route it goes on on a really great long distance cycle track through meadows and forests. The times of the markers in the KML relate to time positions in the video linked below.

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