Freitag, 4. September 2015

"Zarrentin? We'll get there!". On we go with the bike ride to the Schaalsee!

Quite tired in the morning near Güster.
 Because of different activities, for example making good use of the few summer days in Germany, it was recently very quiet on our little video channel. I apologize explicitly for the wait.

The video
This is not a masterpiece of the AlionLive history. The reason for this is, that on the second day of the tour a phenomenon kicked in, that you already know from previous bike ride series: On the second day I'm always getting a bit tired. This was also because of the fact, that I selected a good camp for the night before from the "aesthetic" view, but rather not in terms of sleeping comfort. In addition, on the second day there was a nice headwind, which made it hard to get further quickly. So I made it just to just a bit further than Zarrentin. Nevertheless, also in this video there are some interesting and funny events and views. In particular, due to wild wind and hair, my appearance is often an amusing sight. We visit a goddess and even explore her valley slopes. What is that nonsense again? Well, just watch it yourself. There are also many beautiful and colorful flowers and at the end you can even see a funny calves ballet.

Of cause also this video contains lots of beautiful flowers.
The Soundtrack
Since the series so far already reminds me a lot of the 2012 bike to the Baltic Sea, I found it is a good idea to once again use the first album of the Willma Poppen Project. Yes, the new album will be released soon ;). The following tracks are in this video:
  • 00:00 - Holy Arpeggiatorus
  • 05:08 - Disco Bear
  • 10:18 - Childhood Memories
  • 15:16 - Poppin 'All Over The World
  • 20:14 - Heroes of the Popp-Culture

Long hair, bike ride and strong winds: An amusing combination ;)
What's next?
In the next part we really get going. Promised! Due to the hyper environmentalism in the Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee, the ride on the eastern side of the lake is unexpectedly short. I managed to ride the entire east side before evening. But I will tell you more about that, as soon as the video is released.

Yes, I know: YOU want the 2014 Madeira series to finally go on and you also want, that we finally get started with the 2015 series. Unfortunately, the Willma Poppen album must be completed prior to the upload of the next Madeira video. Yes, I stick to that plan! Anything else would be unacceptable. Since the delay meanwhile is already getting on my nerves too, I'll put the pedal to the metal a bit more now and give this task some more priority. It is therefore just a matter of some years... Of course this is nonsense! I would say: Soon, very soon.

Nice sundown at my second camp near Zarrentin.
You do not react on comments!
Well, for some unknown reason, my internet hoster trashed the forwarding of the address, via which I receive notifications about the AlionLive channel. So I had to find out that unusually many comments were made on the channel lately, and I was not notified. And what I do not know, I can't answer. I fixed that now. So: It's not that I do not care about your comments. On the contrary!

Well, now have lots of fun with the video. And as I said: In the next video, we really get going!

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