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Totally relaxed, along the lake! - A new video of the Schaalsee series!

The great view on the Schaalsee from the beer garden of the "Gasthof am See" in Seedorf.
We go on, and, as the title says: Totally relaxed. The west side of the lake was considerably shorter than the east side, as is already was apparent on the maps. And so I was able to ride along the whole west side on the fourth day of my ride.

Me during a traditional session of talking nonsense at the Priestersee.
The Plot
The day began near Dargow, when  I was rudely awakened by the sounds of three chainsaws. Someone thought it would be a good idea to cut down a nearby forest area. Because a look at the ceiling of the tent showed, that this was very wet with dew, I tried my best to ignore the sound... but  without success. The loudness of the chain saws and a certain concern that the gentlemen could even come up with the idea to cut down "my" part of the forest, drove me out of the tent. But anyway, I couldn't immediately take down the still wet tent. I had slept well and so I got on my way. I did not get far, because a few kilometers further, in Seedorf, my eye caught sight of an inn with a lovely beer garden with a spectacular view on the Schaalsee. How could I resist, because an inn offered but among other things the possibility to clean my face, which was awfully crusted with road dust, with some water and soap. Said and done. I strongly recommend this inn here. As I said: A beautiful view of the lake, very friendly service and reasonable prices (in a tourist region). If you want to visit it, then click here to visit the website of the "Gasthof am See" in Seedorf. Since I did not want to burden my small travel fund with a meal at the inn, I ate a kilo tin of white beans near the Priestersee. So I rode, now strengthened, down the entire lakeshore to Zarrentin. Once there, I made up for what I had missed shamefully during my first encounter with this nice small town: I visited it a little more in detail. Pretty soon I found a place near the Zarrentin monastery, with a beautiful lake view. I did not have to think very long to come to the conclusion that I would, after procurement of drinks and food, visit it again and have an extensive rest there. Then I went, very relaxed, on the first stage of my way home. So far I had not the slightest idea what route I would choose for this. And so I rode first towards Klein Zecher, talked quite a lot of nonsense there near a replica of the historic healing spring and a protohistoric ritual sacrificicial stone. And thereafter I rode further to the northwest into the land of Horsts. Between Horst, Alt-Horst and Neu-Horst I found a quiet place for the night and spent a restful night, guarded by all the Horsts standing guard around.
Food for champions: Banned Ceans!
The Soundtrack
... is this time from the 2014 released album "Continuity" by alionsonny. I find that the bastardized Reggae sound of this album perfectly fits with the images of a beautiful sunny day at the lake. The album is, as always, available for purchase in all well sorted online stores for music and I'd be very happy if as many of you would do this. Exemplary I would like to once again to name Google Play (CLICK HERE!) and iTunes CLICK HERE!) as recommended sources.

Here's again the soundtrack in detail (if, for example, you just want to purchase one or two of the tracks):
  • 00:00 - A Sunny Day
  • 04:53 - Pirates of Madeira
  • 09:47 - The Storm
  • 14:31 - Green Hills
  • 19:13 - Ganja In The Jar
Of cause there's also beautiful flowers in this video. But just a few.
What's next?
Next, of course, is  a part of the 2014 "Spring in Madeira" series. This series has to get finished urgently! After that, we continue with the Schaalsee series. The next part is already about the last day of the trip. However, I have to split the video footage again into two parts, because the sheer amount of material would cause the dreaded excess length, which in turn would lead to a unnecessary delay of the upload of the next Schaalsee video. During the next part we ride to Mölln, yes Mölln again, and linger around there a bit. On the outskirts of Mölln we will then probably end the part. But I leave the decision about the nasty cut to the Future Sonny.

And now I wish you, as always, splendid fun with the latest video!

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