Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

Spring in Madeira - Hike from the Eira do Serrado to Curral das Freiras - New video

Some random tourist in cammo outfit in the mountains.
Yes, it took a while again, but that's not so bad, since the number of viewers of the last video kept within narrow limits ;). Unexpected complications and events in the private sector caused that I could not be as productive as I wanted to for a while. Now everything has stabilized a bit, and we go on. Here is the second part of day 12 of the 2014 Madeira series!

The Plot
After we hiked to the Eira do Serrado in the last part and spent quite some time there, this part is about the descent into the valley of Curral das Freiras. After what people told me about this route, I was surpised how relatively easy this hike was. There was not a single place where I had the feeling that my latent fear of heights would force me to turn back. Don't get me wrong: I would not recommend this route to everybody. It is not really a prime example of a well-maintained trail. You will experience one or the another unpleasant surprise if you think that this trail is your everyday hiking trail. At some places the path is very steep, there are reasonably narrow passages, rolling stones, crumbling edges etc. Madeira as we know it ;). Also one should not be fooled by the impression one has when looking down into the valley from the Eira do Serrado. It is easy to think "Oh, that's not far!". As almost always in Madeira one should be aware of the fact that there is never a straight route from one point to the other on this island. And that's a damn good thing, because you do not want a direct and straight path into the valley. You really do not want that... ;). No the trail goes nicely downwards in zigzags. Still I was positively surprised by how quickly we arrived in Curral das Freiras. I had planned about 2 hours more. Once we arrived in Curral das Freiras, we first did what we didn't in 2011: We visited the picturesque mountain village more in detail. While doing this we came across a very cozy restaurant with a extremely friendly service and the best Espetada that I had on the island so far. And we already had quite a lot. Really: Not one of them was as tasty as this one. After we had strengthened ourselves, we took the bus back to Funchal unusually early and there we just fell into the bed, tired but happy.
As always, there's lots of flowers in this video also.
The Soundtrack
Because it was absolutely impossible to showcase the whole new Willma Poppen album in the last video, we continue with the remaining tracks of the album in this video. And also this time all of the remaining tracks could not be showcased due to lack of time. So we have to continue some time soon. Sorry to those who can not stand the Willma Poppen Sound. Yes, I know you're out there ;). As always the obligatory links to where you can buy the album should not miss. Make me rich! You can buy the album on iTunes (CLICK HERE!), Google Play (CLICK HERE!) and all other well-stocked music sites. Here's the soundtrack in detail:

Album: Willma Poppen - Willma im Wunderland
  • 00:00 - Madeira
  • 05:12 - Karussell
  • 10:04 - Liebe
  • 14:54 - Blauer Montag
  • 19:30 - Nachtwanderer
An interesting "transition moment" in the video. I find it quite funny.
What's next?
Next will be again a bike ride video, namely the fourth part / day of the bike ride to the Schaalsee. And after that comes the first of two parts about day 13 of "Spring in Madeira". On the 13th day we hiked from near Camacha along the Levada dos Tornos for a while and then all the way down to Garajau. I will still not reveal too much about the plot right now, because there will be a little surprise and I would also have nothing to write in the blogs about those videos. The cut will this time not be so well-placed, because there is simply no thematic "breakpoint" in the video material. And so the next Madeira video will abpruptly end in the middle of the Levada dos Tornos.

Well, but now, as always, have fun with the video!

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