Montag, 18. Januar 2016

Is your Youtube channel dead? ...and other misconceptions

Dear friends of AlionLive
Again people are asking me, when the new video will be uploaded? The answer is, as all the times you asked that question: When the last uploaded video reaches 50 views. I don't think that this number is too high for the decent amount of subscribers I have. I understand well, that, at least the people who just found my channel, need some time to get through the many hours of video on the channel. And so I pretty much know, why the older videos get loads of views, but the recent ones just a few. So, bare with me until that magic number is reached. In some way I am quite thankful, that the views do not rush in like hell. I still have a personal problem (relationship related) and I value the time I have to get things sorted. I am currently not the most efficient guy on the planet. By the way: Somebody asked me recently, what I would do, if one day the views come so fast, that I can't keep up with them. Simple: Then I'll increase the number of necessary views. Some people ask questions... *shakehead*
Nice evening mood on the North Sea bike ride
To give you something to look forward to, what's gonna happen in 2016:
  1. Soon the epic North Sea bike ride series will start. I'll see, if I finally get Cimeliums album "Madeira" finished, so I can present it in the series.
  2. Just 4 parts (videos) of the Madeira 2014 series left, of which one is already completed and even uploaded to Youtube. You just can't see it, because it is set to "private". Just one click and you'll be able to watch it.
  3. After the 2014 series is finished, the 2015 Madeira series will start. I didn't review the video material in detail yet, but I think this one will be great.
  4. As soon as I manage to get my bike repaired (it is a bit expensive for a starving artist -> your donation on Paypal to is more than welcome), I'll do a new type of bike ride series. The difference is, that I will no longer ride somewhere and then back. Instead I'll pack my bike on a train and go somewhere, and then ride back on the bike. This will give us more time to visit some places more detailed.
  5. ...and now comes something, some people asked me to do since the very start of the channel. I'll start to do new kinds of videos, not just hikes and bike rides. I did a bit of brainstorming with some folks on the Facebook chat, and here's what we came up with. I very much agree with the folks, that those are some pretty good and fun ideas:
  • I take my guitar(s) in front of the camera and cover some of my favorite (maybe also your favorite) songs. I already made a selection of mine and think, that I'll first do some "Queens of the stone age", "Future of the left / Mclusky" and "Gang of four" songs. Recommendations are more than welcome, but will dealt with, once I covered my own favorites.
  • Working title "Ask The Alion": I sit in front of the camera and answer some of the frequently asked questions and questions from the comments. Let's more get to know each other.
  • Working title "Alion Opinions": Again I sit in front of the camera and talk about what I think about stuff going on in the world. I think this will become a rant-format for most parts ;)
  • I'll show you "everyday life" in Germany and maybe teach some basic German.
Nice scary view from the lookout point (glass floor) at the Cabo Girao (Madeira 2015)
 Those are just a few ideas people and me came up with. Feel free to suggest more. Despite those new ideas, do not fear: The old format will be the main format forever. So there will of cause be more hikes and bike rides. And of cause I'll re-visit Madeira. I just have to get the cash together (talking about donations? ;)). And I also would love to visit more places on Earth and take you with me. And it is not just nature. I also want to visit some friends from all over the world. For example: A visit to London is long overdue. I know SO many people there and got invited SO many times, it will be absolutely great. Yeah, you see: Lot's of plans. Let's get rolling!

Current version of the album cover art for Cimelium's "Madeira" album

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