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New Video: Bike Ride Hamburg - Schaalsee 2015 - Last part!

Nice clouds
It slowly becomes a habit, that the new video is announced on the blog, days after the upload. There's lots of stuff to do. We did it again: Another bike ride series is finished. And in retrospect I think that, except for a few weak moments, the result is acceptable. And despite the disappointing east side of the lake, I am planning already to return to the area around Zarrentin, Mölln and Ratzeburg. Why? Because some locals told me, after watching the series, that I missed some important places. That's what always happens, and therefore I must visit each and every place at least twice.
Me on the town square of BÄÄÄÄLAU!
The Plot
Firstonce I would like to  apologize to those who do not appreciate the long monologues by yours truly. In plain English: I really talk a lot in this final part of the epic saga of my bike ride in the year of our Lord 2015 to the shores of Schaalsees. I don't know what happened there, but somehow I was very talkative. This together with the fact that I always do not film much on the way home, ensures that a large part of the video consists of me talking into the camera. Nevertheless, this video will be entertaining for one or two people. Let's see. The first comments are quite nice. Furthermore, I am sorry that the video is somewhat short. I thought it would be longer, but after the editing, what we have now is what remained. And that's what?

We start where we left off last time: At the bridge over the dreaded Elbe-Lübeck canal in the outskirts of Mölln. From there we ride straight to the the world-famous village BÄÄÄLAU (!!!). I know that the use of the, not really funny, Bääälau idiocy is a bit exaggerated, but I could not help it. In Bälau I rest on the picturesque town square where I talk for a long time about Coke in plastic bottles, alternative feeding methods and much more. Then we continue on to Trittau, where I arrive just before closing time and thus loot a 4-pack of finest beer. Accordingly, the next talk-o-mania is not be long in coming. Shortly after Trittau I placed myself on a meadow, and talked again a lot of weird stuff. After only two video settings you see me then AGAIN, and this time in absolute fatigue Zombie mode. And what else? Well, that's it!

Nice evening mood in a forest near Grossensee.
The Soundtrack
 ... comes, once again, from the album "Continuity by alionsonny which, inter alia,  is available for purchase on iTunes (CLICK HERE!) and Google Play (CLICK HERE!), just in case you liked the music. For more links to sources, see the homepage of the album on the alionsonny homepage. The soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 - Going Bonkers
  • 05:04 - Drunken Joe in Love
  • 09:40 - Talking Cat
  • 14:37 - Madeira
alionsonny - Continuity - Coverart
What's next? 
Next comes the third part of the 13th day of the Madeira Series from 2014, in which we are being chased by dogs, I find Jesus and we visit old friends. And after that starts the epic 7-day bike ride to the North Sea from August 2015. I really look forward to this series, because judging from the video content I examined so far, it looks like this will become the best AlionLive series so far. Would be bad, if not. But now, as always, have fun with the video!

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