Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017

Spring in Madeira - Hike from Terreiro da Luta to Poiso & Party

The plot
In the penultimate video of this series we hike on well-known paths. We hike from where we left off in the last part: In Terreiro da Luta. From there we hike through the, this time blossoming, Parque Ecologico do Funchal to Poiso. After strengthening ourselves with Cortado and Poncha, we return by bus to Funchal, where after a rich meal, we conclude the day with party time. Some of you will like this party part and others will ask: "Is this really necessary?". Should I, one day, realize that a predominant part of my little audience does not like such party excesses, I will take this into account and will not include such stuff in my videos anymore. The customer is king ;)

Why did it take so long again?
I am sorry, of course, that you had to wait such a long time for a new video. Once again personal and private problems were responsible for this. You can believe me, if I say, that this is getting on my nerves too. So if you are annoyed by it, you are not alone. However, also I have to spend some time for creating music. Currently, the new alionsonny album "Phoenix" is in the works, and I have worked a lot of my working time during the past 2 months on it.

The soundtrack
Here is something special this time: This video is the first in which the final versions of songs of the recently released "Madeira" album by Cimelium can be heard. In previous videos you could hear some pre-release-versions already. But these are not comparable with the album versions. Here I would like to announce a small, but important, change: For various reasons I will not present unfinished, so-called pre-release, versions in videos in the future. From now on only finished versions will be included in the videos. So it may take some time until you will hear new music in the videos. However, my portfolio is now so extensive that it is unlikely, if at all, that boredom will arise. Here is the soundtrack of the current video in detail:

00:00 - Ribeiro Frio
05:05 - Poiso
09:26 - Pico Ruivo
14:26 - Queimadas
19:04 - Pico Ruivo Tunnel

The album is, as always, available in all well-stocked online shops for music. Just for example I link here to the album on GooglePlay (CLICK!) and iTunes (CLICK!). Also, the album is available on all well-known streaming platforms, e.g. Spotify (CLICK!).

What's next?

I hope that this time the next video will be uploaded not just a little faster. However, I will wait for a certain time until the current video has received a sufficient number of views. This is still going too slow ;). Next, we conclude the current 2014 Madeira series with a last and short part . Then I can finally start the series about the 2015 bike ride to the North Sea. I'm really looking forward to it. It may also happen that I will alternately upload parts of the the 2015 series about our trip to Madeira in 2015 already . But let's see ...
And now I wish you much fun with the current video. And thank you again for your patience. I even got some new subscribers, despite the lack of new video uploads,. Thank you also for this, because new subscribers offer, of course, a certain stimulation to continue, no matter how the personal condition is. And here, finally, is the video:

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