Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Spring in Madeira - The last part!

Yes, it is done: The "eternal Madeira series" has been finished, as promised, with a last, very short part. It really was about time. From now on we can finally go on with something new, although it is not too new. But still it is something different.

The plot
This part starts with a last view from the window of our domicile. Afterwards, we switch directly to the airport, where I extensively film the runway, aircrafts and what else belongs to an airport. Also a last announcement from me is shown. In the face of the celebrations of the previous day, I am in a quite good shape there. And that's it! There is not more to be seen of this, in any respect exceptional Madeira series. There will be no aftermath this time, because I currently do not know what I should tell. And I really want to go on with something new now.

The soundtrack
... this time comes again from the recently released album "Madeira" by Cimelium. If you like the music, here, as always the links to iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify. In the video you can hear:

00:00 Cais do Sardinha
04:54 Camara de Lobos

What's next?
In short: The series about my bike tour in 2015 to the North Sea. In addition, I have a little surprise, so you can see not only old, but also up-to-date material. Otherwise someone actually assumes, I would be dead, and someone would only use my old material for a little Youtube Cash ;) If you want to watch the whole Madeira 2014 series again completely: Here is the link to the Playlist!

I have kept this blog post quite short on purpose, because this short video doesn't deserve a full-length, extensive blog post ;). And now, have fun with the video:

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