Samstag, 1. März 2014

AlionLive Return 2 Madeira - Day 13 - Hiking with Beatrice!

Yes, it went pretty fast this time ...and it would have been even faster if dear Youtube would not have freaked again. I do not know what Google has in mind to make this service more and more unusable. But for sure there's a hidden agenda behind it ;). But anyway, let's get to the good stuff. And the good stuff is: The video is now available for you. WHAAAT? SO SHORT? Well , that's why it went so fast ;).

No, the shortness of the video has another cause, and it is already in the title: I was not hiking alone this time, and you know what I think about filming constantly when I have company. You don't? Well, then you have not really seen many of my videos, especially the first "AlionLive Madeira" series. I will not tell too much about the video, but only the following .

The plot
In the morning, at an already well-known place near the bus station, I pondered quite long about what I would like to do on that day. The reason for this was due to the rather uncertain weather conditions. When I came to a somewhat fragile decision, this was thrown overboard later, due to the fact, that I met a nice person. This person had in fact equally vague plans for the day, and we decided to hike together to wherever. And so we went to the Parque Ecologico do Funchal, from there across the plateau (same route as on day 4 ) and then to Poiso. Because the day was still young, we decided the to hike further into the direction of Santo da Serra. In the end, we ended up in Camacha just in time to catch the last bus back to Funchal. Everything else is explained in detail, using text overlays, in the video.

So, this is expected to be the third last video of this series. "Expected", because I am yet not sure, if I will upload day 14 in one piece. You will soon see the reason for yourself ;). By the way: The series is now over 10 hours long! You do not believe it? Well then click here! This is a link to the playlist of the entire series so far. Sweet, eh? So, here is the small, but nice video of day 13! Have fun!

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