Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Bike Ride Lüneburg Heath in 2013 - Part 3 - Through the heart of the heath!

The Totengrund
Yes, currently the videos come quite quickly. I've told you, that I want to finish this short series soon. And that's why it is here already: The third and penultimate part of the bike ride through the Lüneburg Heath in 2013. It begins with a short and plenty tired morning speech at my campsite near Steinbeck/Luhe. After that, I'm on my way via a village with the beautiful name Hörpel, through a beautiful heathland with the equally beautiful name Totengrund, to the Wilseder Berg. So the route goes, as the title says, really through the heart of the Lüneburg Heath. From the Wilseder Berg I get slowly on my way home and ride north during the remaining 3 hours of daylight. From this last part of the day however, there is not much to see because the lighting situation was too bad, and I also was in a hurry to find a way to provide me with urgently needed beverages. The day ends in a beautiful quiet valley near Asendorf. The route this time was, despite of the extensive film breaks, still 40.7 km long and was in the heath area also usually far from easy to ride on a bike. In particular, the routes in the area Totengrund and Wilseder Berg were actually only to manage by pushing the bike.

The Route
The soundtrack consists this time of a very colorful mix. It starts danceable, with two pre-release versions by Willma Poppen. Among them is the latest track, destined for the "Willma im Wunderland" album, "Nachtwanderer". Then it gets a bit more quiet, adequately for the images of nature. And here happens something completely new on AlionLive: From now on I am not only introducing my own music in the videos, but also the works of talented musicians whose music I like. This time I present to you the following pieces of music:

"My Little Sunshine" by Michael Klatte
"Forgotten Tale" by WAHEB

I really recommend you to check out the other works of these artists. You can do this on Michael's Soundcloud page and also on the one of WAHEB. WAHEB also has a little video channel on Youtube, which still needs some subscribers and absolutely deserves them ;). The soundtrack ends with two pre-release versions by Cimelium, which are destined for the "Madeira" album and will be familiar to the regular viewers already.

The soundtrack in detail:
00:00 - Willma Poppen - Nachtwanderer
05:05 - Willma Poppen - RaumZeit
08:24 - Michael Klatte - My Little Sunshine
09:57 - WAHEB - Forgotten Tale
14:34 - Cimelium - Cais do Sardinha
19:28 - Cimelium - Parque do Lido 6:30 am

Well, and that's it already. Next comes a part of the "Spring in Madeira" series. And now, have fun with the video!

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