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Spring in Madeira - Day 3 - Hiking from Santo da Serra to Faial

From the intro ;)
Currently it is going blow upon blow with the videos :). Just a week ago I uploaded the last video, and here's already the new one. While we are on the subject: From time to time I am asked why I am not, like My Let's Play colleagues, able to upload at least one video a day. This is simply impossible, because the editing of the video takes as long as it does. I have, for example, never seen a Let's Play with hundreds of cuts, transitions, and certainly none with subtitles. Ok, so this should be clarified ;).

The latest video, as the title suggests, is part of the series about our this year's trip to Madeira. In this third part the regular viewers will once again see many familiar places. Somewhat late we took a bus to Santo da Serra, where I was already on day 8 of the 2012 series. Initially we planned to hike the Levada do Furado to Ribeiro Frio. Fortunately we met two nice hikers who told us that this Levada is still closed. How long is that supposed to take? I mean: It is closed since early 2013 already. The information given by the nice hikers saved us hiking half the Levada and then have to hike back. But now we were absolutely clueless about where we should hike to. So we decided to hike north and to see where we end up. So we hiked through valleys and mountains in almost uncomfortably burning sun to Portela. There we rested a while and then made our way towards Faial via Referta. Those who have seen the 2012 series, will remember this route from the video of day 12. However, we missed a turnoff somewhere near Referta, which should lead us to the path of my 2012 hike. Due to extensive breaks and filming, we were already very late and the missed turnoff caused that we actually went to Porto da Cruz. There we found out that at least from there no buses were going anymore. So we went on a forced march to Faial, where we arrived after 8 pm. At this time really no buses are going to Funchal from there anymore. So we decided, after some daring plan games, to burden our small travel fund with the cost of a taxi ride to Funchal. Not nice, but still better than having to spend a night on the north side of the island or to do a nightly hike across the island ;).

The route
The soundtrack also this time consists not only from the works of the house of alionmind, but there are again two guest musicians presented. This time it is DecibelAlex and Anthony Charretier, two nice fellow musicians whom I met on Facebook. At this point I would like to say thanks for providing their wonderful pieces of music. The rest of the soundtrack consists of 3 tracks from the recently released alionsonny album "Continuity". But first I want to introduce the guest musicians properly:

Decibel Alex:

Anthony Charretier:

The soundtrack in detail:
The alionsonny album "Continuity" is available on
 And now: Have fun with the video!

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