Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Bike ride to the Lueneburg Heath - Rolling home!

Yepp, it's done: The final part of this short, but long on the other hand, series is finally on Youtube! This time we ride from Asendorf, in the far north of the Lüneburg Heath, across the imposing Elbbrücken back to my home in the north-east of Hamburg. All in one day. A good amount of beer flows and my language skills, presumably for exhaustion reasons, reach an all time low. The soundtrack is completely from the alionsonny album "Electronic Spacerock".

The soundtrack in detail:
  •      00:00 - Sunrise
  •      05:18 - Days of our years
  •      10:00 - Flowers
  •      15:23 - Forest
  •      21:00 - Sunbeams
The route
The total distance traveled was on this day 54 km / 33.6 miles:

And now once again the total distance. This amounted to a total of 206 km / 128 miles:

And just for fun here is also again the height profile, which is indeed in no way comparable with Madeira, but anyways no one should say northern Germany is generally flat ;)

Ok, that's it! And yes: Soon I'll be on a new bike ride. Where will it go to? I will not reveal this here and now, but it will be definitely interesting. Have fun with the video!

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