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AlionLive - Spring in Madeira - Chillax in Funchal

The video was actually uploaded two days ago, but personal issues caused the delay of this blog. On the fifth day of the trip we needed, due to the chaotic ends of the previous two days, really a day off and spent it in Funchal. Here we were anything but idle and therefore in this video there's a lot to see. We started at the Parque de Santa Catarina, where the spring time in Madeira was clearly visible, because of the overwhelming variety of beautiful flowers.

Flowers at the Parque de Santa Catarina
But there was not much shade and the sun burnt down with full force. So a shadier place was really a better choice. This we found at the Jardim Municipal. There also everything was in full bloom. We saw a sausage tree and so we learned where the sausages come from ;).

Unripe green saussauges on an saussage tree ;)
 In front of the Ritz, just across the Avenida Arriaga from the Jardim Municipal, played a very good band whose sounds I of course do not withhold from you in the video.
Great sounds in front of the Ritz
After a pleasant cooling stay we decided to explore the old town of Funchal further. After a short time we arrived the Madeira winery Blandy, where we stayed only briefly, because the tasting costs money and the prices for this were so high that we decided to skip the wine tasting ;).

Very expensive wine tasting here :D
Now we were really ready for for an icecold Coral Tonica and also we wanted to provide us with fresh fruits. Both, and also more than enough cooling shade, we found at the world famous market hall of Funchal, the Mercado dos Lavradores.

Overwhelming variety of fruits, vegetables and everything at the Mercado dos Lavradores
After extensive fruit purchasing and procurement of a cooled sixpack of Coral Tonica we discovered a multimedia information board, with which we had some fun. But then we got toknow that the market hall was closing soon. The day was still young and we had now recovered well. Therefore we were not in the mood to just end the day yet and made ​​our way towards Lido. Here we visited a cocktail bar that we remembered from 2011 for excellent cocktails at a low price.

No longer recommended
 But the prices were raised quite a lot and the Poncha, which we were served, consisted of 1/3 ice cubes. Ice cubes in a Poncha are in my opinion at all wrong. So we did no further experiments and went on our way into the direction of Camara de Lobos. On the way there we had a very cute encounter.

Our plan now was to hike to the Doca do Cavacas, through the tunnel and to the Praia Formosa, because we remembered from 2011, that you get an excellent Poncha at the beach bar there. We unfortunately found out that the tunnel was closed for renovations. So I completed my only and late "speech" to the audience, and we went, as it was quite late and dark, on the way back to Funchal. On the way we then saw a very welcoming restaurant that had a large sign with the words "Poncha Bar"

FINALLY: A real Poncha!
Strengthened by an excellent Poncha, we now made ​​our way back to the apartment house and ended the day. So, and now you want for sure to watch the video). Here it is! Have fun!

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