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Spring in Madeira Day 6 - Santana, Queimadas, Pico das Pedras!

The tourism side of Santana ;)
 Also on this blog I must apologize for the slight delay. Not only that nearly a month passed between the last and the current video. This blog entry also comes five days after uploading the video. I can not stress enough how much of an advantage it is to like the AlionLive Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. The reason for the current delay is simple: Two albums are currently rapidly approaching completion and there is plenty to do. It is therefore to be feared that in the near future the AlionLive project will not make much progress for some time. But this will also end one day again ;).
Yeah, exactly!
For the video: Well rested from our quiet day in Funchal we wanted to do something bigger and decided to take an early morning bus to Santana at the north coast. From there we hiked towards Queimadas. This place is familiar to me from many, many of my Facebook friends photos and was high on the list of places to be visited. We did not expect the rather long and somewhat unspectacular ascent to Queimadas. It has also been reported by many, that there would be no motorable road to Queimadas, which turned out to be absolute nonsense. So notice: No matter what they tell you on the internet: You can drive by car to Queimadas and the road is very well developed. However, we completed the 800-900 meter ascent on foot of course. Once there, we were somewhat exhausted. After a rest with good cheese bread and Coral Tonica were fit again soon.
Yay! Now I have also some photos of Queimadas! :)
We had to abandon the original plan, to hike on to the Caldeirao Verde and Caldeirao do Inferno, due to the advanced time of day. So we decided to hike further to the Pico das Pedras. After a short rest in a cozy cafe on the Pico das Pedras we hiked towards Faial.
On the Pico das Pedras
Actually, we were making good time, but then we walked around a mountain on the wrong side, which dissuaded us far from the path. Only by a lucky chance, we caught the last bus to Funchal.
Breathtaking vista on Faial, Porto da Cruz, the eagle Rock and more
The soundtrack consists once again from pre-release versions of songs that are destined for the soon to be released album "Madeira" by Cimelium. By the way: Only 2 songs to go, then the album is complete :). Among the featured songs appropriately also is the latest addition "Queimadas". The soundtrack in detail:

00:00 Santana
05:00 Poiso
09:36 Queimadas
14:38 Santo da Serra
19:33 Câmara de Lobos
24:19 Rabacal
29:23 Parque do Lido 6:30 am
And now have fun with the video!

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