Montag, 26. Januar 2015

Happy Birthday, AlionLive Blogs and -Facebook!

Today we celebrate a "little Birthday". No, not the big one. This will happen on May 10 and will really celebrated in a very special way this year. How? No, I don't want to tell that now. But it will be BIG!

So a small birthday because exactly one year ago the AlionLive Blogs and Facebook page saw the dim light of the world, and were immediately loudly ignored by interested people ;). Meanwhile, however, things are getting forward, and that makes me happy. I actually thought that I would have a hard time to find anything newsworthy about that one year. But after I looked at what has happened since January 26th 2014, it is not so little. First, the raw data:
  • From the statistics side 6334 video views were counted, and people wasted.... errrm... had a good time watching a total of 19 days and 14 hours of most magnificent quality entertainment. From our overwhelming (currently) 74 subscribers, 32 came to us. That means we have almost doubled the subscribers within a year.
  • Well, and otherwise I got to know some nice people who liked the one or the other video. Of course there were also scattered trolls and haters, but as a veteran of the Internet I am used to grief and have therefore some routine in handling asshats ;).
Overall, I see the past year of AlionLive quite positive. It goes up slowly and steadily, and all signs point to success. With a smirk I read an older post yesterday when preparing this post, in which I still seriously and very open thought about ditching AlionLive due to lack of publicity. I smirked because I would not even dream of something like that today. Firstly, I know now that things take time, and secondly IT WORKS!

So by now I think about many interesting extensions of AlionLive and a few of the ideas are already tested for feasibility and usefulness. I can't and don't want to tell too much here, but 2015 a lot will happen. Only a few points:
  • Website (Once I have the caught up with the other pages)
  • Wiki (All facts well sorted)
  • Database (for the AlionLlive Wiki, but also for other nifty things)
  • Hiking GPS App (Windows Phone, maybe Android)
  • More KMLs in the KML section
  • Irregular Vlogs where I just kinda talk about stuff
  • ... and lots of little things that I do not remember right now ;)
Well, and now I don't know what else to write. Cheers on the next year! And we also go to Madeira again ;) Oh yeah, almost forgot: THANK YOU, for whatever reason you watch AlionLive. You are cool <3

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