Samstag, 5. September 2015

KML: Bike Ride - Mölln - Ratzeburg 2013 - Part 2 - Lütjensee - Mölln

Length: 24,2 Km
Alt. Lowest: 17 m
Alt. Highest: 76 m
Max. Ascent: 3,3%
Avg. Ascent: 0,7%

This is the route of the second video part of my bike ride in 2013 from Hamburg to Mölln and Ratzeburg. I created this KML manually right after my return from memory (which works excellent ;) ) in Google Earth, because at the time I had no GPS device. Due to the fact that I went no special side routes and rode this route several times during the recent years, errors are almost completely impossible.

After a rest in Lütjensee, the route goes via small country roads (some of them in bad condition at the time) through fields and forests to the town entrance of Mölln. The route is quite easy to ride, but narrow roads, the lack of cycling tracks, a bit of traffic and road damage makes it sometimes a bit tricky. The times of the markers in the KML relate to time positions in the video linked below.

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