Samstag, 26. September 2015

Spring in Madeira - Eira do Serrado

Some random tourist on the Eira do Serrado
It is done! In just two days, I soldered this video together. I owed you that, after the mishap with the last video. I decided to divide the approximately 50 minutes of day 12 in two parts. Yes, I know: Some want their video 'en bloc'. For others, 50 minutes is too long. This time the decision was quite easy, because the video should be available on Youtube as soon as possible. Editing twice the amount of video footage would have taken at least twice as long. And also the cut in the video is quite appropriate, because after about 25 minutes we started our descent to Curral das Freiras.

The Plot
After the heavy party day we were not absolutely fit, and because of that we did not easily get out of bed. Late in the morning we took the bus in the direction of Curral das Freiras. As luck would have it, no bus with a stop on the Eira do Serrado was going at this time. So we left the bus at the stop just before the tunnel before Curral das Freiras and went on foot on the easy ascent to the Eira do Serrado. What is the Eira do Serrado? It is a small plateau south of Curral das Freiras, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the little mountain village and the surrounding picturesque countryside. And so this video largely consists of exactly this: Views of fantastic nature. Of course there are also plenty of beautiful flowers again, a cat and during the ascent we also had a little lizzard feeding again with cheese. I'm not talking very much in this video, but you'll see me quite often on Malina's photos. Do not be surprised that I have used so many photos of me in this video. Malina simply shot so many good pictures of me on that day that, in my opinion, it would have been a shame not to show them.
View on Curral das Freiras from the Eira do Serrado

The Soundtrack
Actually, the new Willma Poppen album was supposed to be presented in the lost episode. The music style would have also fit much better. But what happened, happened. So the album will be presented most probably entirely in this and the next episode. There will, as always, be people who do not think that the music fits with the video. To those I recommend to turn off the video sound and listen to classical music ;). If you like the album, you can buy it in all major online stores. Just for example I link here to iTunes (CLICK HERE) and Google Play (CLICK HERE). And now, as always, the soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 - Willma im Wunderland
  • 05:03 - Apokalypso
  • 09:57 - RaumReise
  • 13:30 - Himmelswiese
  • 18:28 - RaumZeit
  • 23:25 - Madeira
Without any doubt: A valley! ;)

What's next?
In the next part we accomplish the medium hard descent to Curral das Freiras, where we have a delicious Espetada in the evening and then catch our bus to Funchal quite early. I have to ask the friends of the bike rides for a bit of patience, because "Spring in Madeira" currently has priority. Of course the Schaalsee series will be continued soon. But for now, as always, have fun with the video:

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