Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

"Im Osten ist's am bosten" - A new part of the Schaalsee bike ride series!

Morning speech in front of the tent near Zarrentin.
First of all: Don't try to make any sense out of the title of the video. It is just a bit of nonsense. Roughly translated it would be "In the east it is best", just with a bit of a nonsensical twist. So don't hurt your brain ;). Ok, I had announced recently, that the Madeira series from 2014 now has priority. But the statistics of my Youtube channel and statements of viewers tell me that, at least currently, the bike ride videos from Germany enjoy much more attention. And because I act audience-oriented, we continue with the third part of the bike ride to the Schaalsee.
The Schaalsee near Zarrentin.
The Plot
After a quite relaxing night I spent near Zarrentin, I hit the road towards the lake. I had to ride a bit away from the lake in the evening to find a camp, because it is not really recommendable to camp in a nature reserve or even a UNESCO biosphere reserve. After a beer on a jetty at the lake I get on my way along the eastern side of the lake. Actually I expected to spend a lot of time at the east side of the lake. I wanted to visit each and every corner of the lake in detail. But this was not possible, due to the aforementioned UNESCO biosphere reserve, to which the whole east side of the lake belongs. So everything there is quite boarded up and at most places you can't even get a bit close to the lake. And so I rode the whole route rather in a straight line and quite far away from the lakes shore. Additionally a quite unpleasant situation regarding to supplies developed. On the whole route I found not a single possibility to get something to drink and/or to eat. Not even a cafe or restaurant could be found. Not to talk about supermarkets. So, after a long ride through admittedly beautiful nature, I reached the west side of the lake quite early in the evening. There I also got a well deserved cold beer at the Schaalseehof. There I had a long and very interesting conversation with the owner. Later I rode a bit away from the Schaalsee, because of aforementioned reasons, to find a nice night camp.

Unusual serious talk near the northern tip of the lake.
 The Soundtrack
As the last part already, this video is also accompanied by songs from the album  "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" by the Willma Poppen project. The soundtrack in detail:
  • 00:00 - Heroes of the Popp-Culture
  • 05:03 - Joyriding in Popp-Town
  • 09:40 - Mrs. Von Poppen's Funny Mushroom Omelette
  • 14:50 - Poppin' all over the world
  • 19:44 - Poppin' on Heavens Door
  • 24:40 - Strandspaziergang
The album is available on all well known music distribution platforms. For example I link here to iTunes (CLICK HERE!) and Google Play (CLICK HERE!).

The east: The final frontier... ;)
What's next?
I will upload the next part of this series after the next one of the 2014 Madeira series. This should happen quite soon, because the Madeira video is quite edited already and doesn't need much work, because few subtitles have to be written. But I have to emphasize here once again, that new videos will generally be uploaded once the most recent video got at least 50 views. I do this also because videos tend to "drown" if new videos are too quickly uploaded. This is connected to the way Youtube recommends videos to subscribers and regular viewers. I don't want to bore you with the details about this ;). In the next part of this series, I'll ride down the remaining west side of the lake to Zarrentin and then, after an extensive stop during which I make up for the omitted detailed visit of the picturesque little town of Zarrentin, I already get on the route back to Hamburg. Somewhere right in the middle of nowhere I setup my camp for the night.

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